I can’t find my cat’s vaccination record.

If you don’t have a record of your cat’s vaccination, most vets are able to provide a replacement. We can also contact your vet to obtain the information (with your consent) if necessary.

How can I pay?

Most people pay for their cat’s stay when they collect their cat.

We accept payment by cash, cheque and credit/debit cards

What do I need to bring?

When you bring you cat in you MUST bring the following:

  • Your cat in a suitable carrier
  • An up to date vaccination record (unless you have previously emailed it to us)
  • Any prescription food / medicine.

In addition you may bring

  • toys/bedding that smells of home – this will help to settle your cat in.

Can I bring/collect my cat outside your opening hours?

No – sorry. Although the cattery is located within the grounds of our house and we may be on site, we also have a home life!

We thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Can I visit the cattery before I book?

Yes! We encourage new customers to visit us to see our facilities and ensure they are happy to leave their cat with us.

You can visit at any time during our opening hours – there is no need to make an appointment.

What will happen if my cat is ill?

When you bring your cat in we ask you to sign a form which gives us permission to contact a vet on your behalf.

Where possible we will contact your vet and if necessary take the cat to the vet for a consultation. This would be at the owners expense. We would contact the person named as contact when the cat was brought in to keep them informed of the situation.

In an emergency we would use the cattery vet – No.1 Vets in Rugeley

Do I have to bring my own food?

No. We provide all the food for your cat. We feed a mixture of dry and wet foods. We use quality cat food and monitor the cats intake and output to ensure they are eating.

If your cat is on a veterinary prescribed diet for a medical condition then you will need  to provide this specialist food.

My cat is on medication. Is this a problem?

Normally the answer is no. You should check with your vet that it is suitable for your cat to stay in a cattery and that it does not pose a risk to our other guests.

We are able to administer veterinary prescribed medication in line with their instructions.

Our staff have been trained by the cattery vet to administer injections so are for example able to cater for insulin dependent diabetic cats.


My cat is an indoor cat. Will it be OK?

We have a number of guests who are indoor cats who love visiting Posh Paws.

We have a number of units that are indoor only. They have no outdoor run. They do have a balcony which allows them to have some fresh air whilst remaining inside the unit.

we find that a number of indoor cats like our units with outdoor runs as it enables them to have an outdoor experience in total safety and security.