image8Pamper your pet

Posh Paws cattery is now able to provide cat grooming services.

Cat grooming removes unwanted hair, prevents hairballs and improves blood circulation. Your cat will benefit from being groomed and your family will benefit from less cat hair around the house.

It is beneficial to get your cat used to being groomed from an early age. This allows them to be handled by strangers and gets them used to being groomed.

As cats get older they aren’t always able to look after themselves as well as when they were young so some human help keeps them looking and feeling their best.

Here at Posh Paws we provide a specialist, personalised grooming service for all types of cat and are able to offer a wide range of grooming services from simple claw trimming, ear/eye cleaning to full wash and groom.

Sandra, who has worked here at Posh Paws since it opened in 1998, is fully qualified to undertake cat grooming and will discuss with you exactly what your cat needs.

Additionally if the grooming is undertaken while your cat is boarded with us we are pleased to be able to offer a discount.